Mole and Vole Control

Moles & Voles

Prevent Lawn Damage With Our Mole and Vole Control Services

Keep your yard flat and green this spring, summer, and fall. When moles and voles invade, leaving their tunnels, mounds, and holes, call A to Z Wildlife Control, and rid your yard of those underground invaders. 

Our effective and proven methods are always safe for you and your pets. Our experienced technicians have seen it all, no job is too big for us to solve. 

We're equipped to handle all situations involving Eastern Moles, Star-Nosed Moles, Shrews, and all types of voles. If it tunnels, leaves dirt mounds, or holes, we will solve the problem.
Mole Removal Services

Our Vole and Mole Removal Services

  • No poisons or chemicals involved in our mole control program
  • All of our methods are safe for both people and pets
  • Seasonal or one-time programs available
  • We will not leave until all signs of mole and vole activity have disappeared
  • Over 12 years of experience in mole and vole removal
  • Personalized plans for your particular situation
  • Inspections of your entire property each visit
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Credit cards accepted
We provide instant relief of moles and voles from your property. 
Call us today for mole and vole control services.
Give us a call to schedule your FREE consultation with a knowledgeable pest control expert. We'll walk you through our services, explain the removal process, and help you prevent future infestations.
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