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Mole and Vole Removal Services

Keep Your Lawn Beautiful and Vibrant With Our Mole and Vole Removal Services

When the snow melts in the spring, many homeowners will find a surprise underneath. They may find a series of dirt mounds and thumb width trenches burned into their lawn, making the yard to resemble a jigsaw puzzle. 

Don't let moles ruin your peace of mind. Contact A to Z Wildlife Control for quick and efficient mole removal services. An accurate assessment as to what caused the damage is necessary in order to properly come up with a plan of action to safely remove the animal that is causing the damage. 

Let Us Help You Get Rid of Voles

Are herbivores feeding on green grass and plants in the summer, and roots, bulbs, and seeds in the winter? They are active day and night year around. Voles are brown or dark gray to black 3 1/2 – 5 inches long with small eyes and a short tail.
Signs that you may have voles are well-worn thumb width runways in your yard or garden with thumb-sized holes. You may also find piles of freshly cut grass stacked up along the runways. 

They have 3-10 pups up to 15 times per year with a lifespan of 1-2 years. As the snow melts in the spring, voles will retreat under cement slabs, sidewalks, or patios. 

They'll tunnel along buildings and they like to burrow under AC units. Mulch flower beds are especially attractive to voles.

Keep Your Yard Free of Moles

In Michigan, we have two species of moles, the star-nosed and the eastern. The Star-nosed Mole is 3”-7” long dark gray to black with 20 or more thin, fleshy pink projections on the nose in a circular pattern with a long tail. 

Signs that you may have Star-nosed Moles are ridges as a result of tunneling near the surface. There will also be small mounds of fresh soil (dirt bubbles) pushed up, with runways on the surface to and from holes in the ground. 

These animals are insectivores feeding mainly on slugs and earthworms. They have 3-7 offspring once a year usually in April or May. They are active day and night year around and spend less time underground than the Eastern Mole.
The Eastern Mole is much larger, they are 4”-7” long with short dark brown to gray fur with a silver sheen, a long pointed snout, and naked front feet more wide than long. 

Signs that you may have an Eastern Mole are 3”-4” wide tunnels some long with no holes. Sometimes piles of dirt or dirt mounds will appear from digging deeper permanent tunnels. 

They are active day and night year around and spend 99% of their life underground. The surface tunnels are temporary feeding tunnels with a network of deeper permanent tunnels for living and nesting. 

Earthworms make up 80-85% of their food supply, they will also feed on insects and grubs. They have 2-6 offspring once a year in the early spring.
Call us today for quick mole and vole removal services.
Don't let moles and voles ruin the beauty and value of your property. Contact us today for complete mole and vole removal services.
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