Hornet, Wasp, and Ant Control

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Protect Your Home and Family Against Stinging and Dangerous Pests

When the warm weather arrives and ants invade and stinging insects swarm, A to Z Wildlife Control is here to provide a quick, professional relief. 

We offer two programs to assist you, a seasonal preventive program for both bees and ants, and an immediate safe treatment program when insects are noticed in and around your home. 

A to Z Wildlife Control offers services for hornets, wasps, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, both above ground and underground species, and all ants. We do not handle honey bees. 
Pest Control Services

Expert Integrated Pest Management

  • Complete assessment to locate all nests
  • Custom safe strategies to solve your particular situation
  • Seasonal or one-time application available
  • Residue application to help prevent hornets, wasps, or ants from entering your home
  • Complete nest removal whenever possible
  • Evening and weekend services available
  • Credit cards accepted
Find out more about our pest control plans and expert prevention services. We’ll make sure to keep your home free of any unwanted guests.
Call us today to urgently rid your property of stinging insects.
Need an appointment during the evening or on the weekend? No problem! We are happy to accommodate your schedule at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Just give us a call and let us know how we can help you today. You can call us anytime.
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