Eradicate Bats From Your Home

Bat Eradication Services

Effective Bat Eradication Services

Bats can invade any home. All they need to gain entrance is an opening as small as 3/8 of an inch. We have over 10 years of experience in doing bat exclusions. We provide humane live bat removal and exclusion solutions to maintain a bat-free environment. 

If bats do decide to invade your home or attic, A to Z Wildlife Control can, at a reasonable price, provide solutions to make sure the bats not only exit your home, but we will also do everything humanly possible to ensure that they stay out.

Identify Bat Infestation

  • Attic or wall scratching noises mainly at night, any time of the year the Little Brown Bat which is the most common in Michigan when they get into an attic it will act as a cave, and they will remain there year around, spending the winter, hibernating underneath the insulation.
  • Bat in the house
  • Droppings appear every morning on porches, especially under an atrium, on decks, roofs, and in the gutters
  • Bats seen flying out of vents or openings

Bat Removal Services

  • Complete inspection inside and outside
  • Humane live bat removal
  • Exclusion solutions to insure bats do not return or relocate to another part of the house
  • A service guarantee on all repairs
  • Weekend and evening appointments available
  • Attic clean-up
  • We do accept credit cards
The great outdoors can be a magical place, full of furry, woodland creatures! However, when some find their way into your house, things could become troublesome. Make sure to keep them where they belong with our wildlife removal services.
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